Hot KISS Buns Are Headed For Store Shelves In Japan

19 de febrero de 2015 03:58 PM

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Move over, hot cross buns — here come the hot KISS buns. They're spicy and black, and starting next week, a limited number will be sold in stores in Japan, marking the rock group's 40th anniversary world tour. The bun's official name: Spicy Chili Tomatoman.

The steamed bun's black exterior derives from bamboo charcoal. It has a bright red filling, consisting of tomato paste, onions — and very hot peppers. Its surface is branded with one of four icons associated with KISS members, such as a star symbol for Paul Stanley.

"The buns are based on the image of the band KISS," a spokesman for the Circle K Sunkus convenience store chain tells Agence France-Presse. "Black on the outside and hot and spicy on the inside."

Stores will begin selling 300,000 of the KISS steamed buns, for a price of a little over $1 each, on Feb. 24.

When an earlier version of the buns was released back in 2013, the website Rocket News 24 reported on one man's quest to try a bun that's said to be "hotter than Hell."


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